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China Life Healthcare Fund, as the largest institutional investor, recently announced its investment in Dareway Software Co., Ltd. (“Dareway”). Originated from Shandong University, Dareway is a leading informatization enterprise in human resources and social security industries in China, equipped with excellent management team and technical reserves.

The completion of this transaction is another important layout of China Life Insurance in the field of medical insurance informatization.
“We believes that Dareway, as a leading social security informatization provider and an industry leader with solid technical capability in china, has rich experience and excellent strength in the field of medical insurance and pension insurance, and generates a good synergy to insurance business of China Life Insurance.” Said Yiqing Wan, CEO of China Life Private Equity Investment Company.

After the investment, China Life Healthcare Fund will join the board of directors and become the biggest shareholder other than Shandong University, the actual controller of Dareway. In the future, China Life Healthcare Fund will facilitate comprehensive cooperation between China Life Insurance and Dareway in various fields such as strategy, business and technology.

Previously China Life Insurance has completed its investment in Shanghai Kingstar Winning Software Co., Ltd., while the investment in Dareway will help China Life Insurance to further expand its industrial chain layout in the field of medical insurance informatization.

In the future, the three parties will fully take full advantage of their respective strength in technology and resource to jointly promote the all-round cooperation in the fields of control on medical insurance expenditures, operation and management of medical insurance system and health insurance settlement. And the three parties can explore new modes for commercial insurance companies to participate deeply in the linkage of "medical insurance, medical treatment and medicine usage".

Dareway was founded in November 1992 as one of the earliest informatization enterprises involved in human resources and social security industries, which owns all core information platform qualifications required by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (MOHRSS).

Recently, it has extended its products and services to about 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and provides real-time informatization services to more than 200 million people.

In 2015, Dareway developed the new generation SmartHS4.0 overall intelligentialized solution of human resources and social security and put it into operation online successfully, which made Dareway the leader in the field of human resources and social security in China. Dareway firstly proposed an innovative "5A" government service model, which marked the birth of a brand new informatization model of human resources and social security.