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China Life signed a strategic cooperation framework with the government investment fund of Jiangsu Province on July 17, 2017 to co-establish a healthcare focused fund of RMB 30 billion.

China Life Private Investment Company will manage this fund, and China Life and Jiangsu Province Governmental Investment Fund will pay their respective share contribution of the capital as limited partners.

“The RMB30bn worth of fund is not limited to equity investment. We will also make credit investment using this fund which is also in line with China Life’s prudent investment principle,” said Yiqing Wan, CEO of China Life Private Investment Company.

China Life Private Investment Company is a leading PE in the healthcare industry in China with a flagship healthcare fund of RMB 12 billion. The firm is established in 2016 as the private equity investment platform for China Life, the largest life insurance provider in China and one of the Top 500 in the world.

Jiangsu Provincial Investment fund is a policy fund established by Jiangsu Provincial government, committed to support major industry development in Jiangsu and China.