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April 29, 2017 - West China Stomatology (Dental) Limited is established today in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, West China. China Life Private Equity Investment Company is one of the co-founders, with other investors including Sichuan Provincial Investment Group, Sichuan University and Sino Pharm Group.

The newly established West China Dental Limited is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. West China, with a registered capital of RMB1.8bn.
“Our main business scope covers oral medical chain management, project investment and pharmaceuticals, medical equipment management and enterprise management service, etc.,” said Zhiqiang Guan, CEO of West China Dental.

Its main business will include Dentist industry machinery, medical services, research and development, dentistry education, commercial insurance to fully cover the industrial chain of dentistry.

“We are glad to be among the co-founders of West China Dental. With strong supports and rich resources from the key stakeholders in various fronts, West China Dental is highly potential to become one of the leading dental service providers in China.” Wan Yiqing, CEO of China Life Private Equity Investment Company commented.

The establishment of West China Dental is a part of the strategic plan of Sichuan Province in developing its dental industry.
By 2025, West China Dental Co., Ltd. will set up more than 500 dental clinics. Over 30 production enterprises in the area of oral cavity equipment and materials which are actually controlled or share held by the Company, drive and activate total scale of dental industry over 21 billion Yuan, and indirectly bring along the downstream market scale of 37 billion Yuan of the industrial chain.