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July 14th, 2017 -- BGI Genomics got listed in Shenzhen, China. The shares began trading on July 14 under the code 300676 at a list price of RMB 13.64. This IPO will help the company raises about RMB547billion.

China Life PE Investment Company (CLPIC) is the sole State-Owned Enterprise investor among all its pre-IPO institutional investors.
“Bio-tech industry is one of the major representatives of Chinese New Economy. We are very glad to contribute to help this industry’s development. BGI Genomics is an excellent company with strong potentials and innovation capabilities. Our investment in BGI demonstrated China Life’s long-term commitment in supporting development of Chinese bio-tech industry,” said Wan Yiqing, CEO of CLPIC.

BGI Genomics is a part of BGI Group, one of the world’s largest genomics organizations, providing a wide range of commercial next generation sequencing services and a broad portfolio of genetic tests for medical institutions, research institutions and other public and private partners. BGI Genomics’ mission is to leverage its genomics expertise to promote life science research and to improve human health by providing high quality and affordable genomics powered health solutions that are available for everybody.

“This IPO is a historic event for BGI,” said Yin Ye, CEO of BGI Genomics. “The money raised will be used to invest in the development of new services, top talent and lab infrastructure to benefit our global customers and to support our continued growth and innovation.”