business 投资业务

Concept and culture

China Life Equity Investment Company Limited inherits the corporate culture concept of “fulfilling ourselves to benefit others and fulfilling others” of China Life.

With the investment concept of discovering value, lifting value and creating value, the Company is dedicated to giving full play of the resource advantages of China Life on brand, capital, network, customer and comprehensive finance to be a sincere long-term investor and a partner sharing resources with win-win corporation, and continuously encouraging and supporting the development of the invested enterprises and continuously creating value for investors and society.

Strategic Investment

Investing strategically in good companies with high acquisition value or those which are closely related to the insurance business, and creating long term value for target companies by leveraging the advantages of China Life’s vast resources.

Financial Investment

Paying particular attention to companies that are currently at their growth or mature phase with stable cash flows and good profit performance, or high quality companies with explicit IPO intentions, proactively helping target companies to develop and achieve results for all.